A tiny update

My jeans are encrusted with Alcatraz dust, from crawling around taking reference photos in the “Closed for your safety” sections. Eventually I will explain. Here is an example: And I got to see sdn and meet literaticat and soon I … Keep reading

Dear everyone

You should read Mark Jude Poirier‘s book Modern Ranch Living. It is funny and mean and also sad, and involves, among other things: a girl with idiosyncratic grammar who is obsessed with fitness (but in a weightlifting, running, and swimming … Keep reading

It occurs to me…

…some people might find it creepy that among the books I bought at an estate sale today was The Hour of Our Death, by Philippe Ariès, “a landmark history of Western Man’s changing attitudes toward death — and thus his … Keep reading

Two takes*

On writerly self-promotion. *Actually, way more than two, if you read the comments on the first link. Actually, this post was mostly an excuse to link to that second site. Because I was a Medieval Studies major. Not that the … Keep reading


So tonight I’m kinda low-energy, and I thought, hey, I know a mindless task. I’ll go through the CD notebooks and start ripping everything to iTunes. And I open the first notebook, contemplate my musical taste circa 1995, and realize, … Keep reading

Back from Seattle

It was great to see folks at the show Saturday! On Sunday, as is my tradition at comic conventions, I abandoned our table to wander the city. I bought music: Lost and Safe, The Books (sound collage-y, mellow) Lovekraft, Super … Keep reading