I’m back.

The rest of the conference was colored by the way it started for me.

But I had so many great conversations with so many cool people while I was there that my undercurrent of sadness mostly stayed an undercurrent.

And today I was engaged in my standard re-entry practice of reading assorted conference blogs, finding out how things went that I didn’t get to, seeing other people’s takes on events I attended. I was taken off guard to read a post about the session I was part of. Thanks so much for your kind words, Kelly!

I may post a few more photos in the next day or so.

6 Responses to “Blogged”

  1. coppervale

    My report was posted over at Heidi Mac’s THE BEAT, and I already commented on Sharyn’s journal – but I just wanted to say how nice it was to finally meet you, Sara!

  2. coppervale

    Yes – apparently someone on the engine realized it coincided with that part of my book tour, and is arranging for me to be a guest.

    (I used to live in the San Juan islands, near Paul Chadwick, and my daughter was born in Anacortes.)

    LOVE Portland…

  3. badfaggot

    Your photos of Pauline Drive are really wonderful, picking out a lot of details that I missed. I actually have a photo of you hard at work which I hope to post shortly.

  4. guardrookie04

    So hey i loved Empress Of The World i just finished reading it for the
    third time, is your new book comming out The Rules for Hearts the next
    one or is it a book just about battle? because i read a while back that
    you were working on a continuation called Empress of the Universe i
    think it was.
    thanks a lot shawnna