Why I love Goodwill, #587

Because I find things like this sweater.sweater, with cat

(The colors are nicer than they look. One of these days I should get a camera that is not also my phone.) It’s from here. I know this because the original tags were still on it.

One of said tags looks like this:

I do not know what that says, but I like that it has an exclamation point. If anyone can translate, I would love to know. (I am aware that it is most likely an utterly mundane statement.)

And, stealing a question from sdn: what are your favorite thrift scores?

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  • vj
    May 25, 2007 at 9:49 am

    In pure thrifting, I thrift for wool sweaters. Bonus if they’re cashmere (I’ve found two so far).

    I buy almost all of my wardrobe resale. I love the Dig.