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Then, now, soon

Jessamyn is in town and it has been delightful to get to hang out. We’ve now known each other for over a decade, and that is equally bizarre and awesome to contemplate.

Last night, around eleven thirty, there was a small group of us at the studio, all working, and Rich asked me, “Typical Saturday night for you?”  “Um, yeah, actually.”

I’m reading, among other things, The Final Act: the roads to Waterloo by Gregor Dallas, for what he says about cities and diplomats and nobility and intrigue and power.

And I should mention that I’ll be at Comicon Friday through Sunday. You’ll be able to find me some of the time in Artist’s Alley at table II-03, and on Sunday on this panel:

11:30-1:00 Comics Are Not Literature—For years, comics have presented themselves as a new kind of literature—but cartooning isn’t prose, and graphic novels aren’t novels. What if conflating comics with “literary” storytelling is a terrible mistake? Douglas Wolk (Reading Comics) moderates what should be a contentious discussion with Cecil Castellucci (The PLAIN Janes), Dan Nadel (PictureBox Inc.), Austin Grossman (Soon I Will Be Invincible), Paul Tobin (Spider-Man Family), and Sara Ryan (The Rules for Hearts). Room 8

Preparing for contention, I remain.

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