A friend sent this photo from the Sixth Avenue/West Village Barnes and Noble: I must say, it feels pretty swell to see Empress (which is almost nine years old now) out on display! And in fine company with Roland Smith, … Keep reading

Key concepts

The last time I thought I’d lost my keys was September of 2006. Then, as now, it made me ponder how long I have owned this particular key ring: And man, if I figured I’d had it for fifteen years … Keep reading

3 things.

1. If you missed Mr. Gordon Edgar, author of Cheesemonger, the virtues of which I have previously extolled, when he was recently in Portland, you are in CRAZY LUCK because he will be here again TOMORROW, May 19, at 6:30 … Keep reading

Formspring has sprung.

Should you wish to ask me random anonymous questions on that site which I am given to understand has become something of The Rage, you absolutely may. Just sayin’. Caveat: I will be absent from the Internet for most of … Keep reading

A Walk in the Park

No, really. An actual walk in an actual park. I, um, don’t spend a lot of time outside typically. So today I met up with my friend Deborah in an attempt to partially remedy that. Outside can be awfully pretty. … Keep reading