A few shiny things.

Hello, Internet friends. How are you? I’m still consuming more than I’m producing, due to Circumstances. Circumstances that may well keep me away from here for a while.

But here are some shiny things that have caught my eye from varied locales on the Internets.

Laini Taylor on book beginnings and finding the story. I needed this post, and Laini’s extremely useful focus on what you want the reader to experience as you write. I’m still working on finding my way, not just to the story, but to taking delight in the story. I know the delight will never be constant, but as an Earbrass striving for flashes of GoshWow, it’s good to remember it can be there at all.

Malinda Lo on cross-dressing in a queer context. Made me think of, and want to reread, Marjorie Garber’s Vested Interests, sitting enticingly on my shelf as it is next to her Vice Versa: Bisexuality and the Eroticism of Everyday Life.

The Attention/Inattention Game. Am I gonna make the obvious joke? Yeah, I am. Totally looking forward to playing this when I’m not so distracted.

Booklist Welcome to Bordertown review. I can’t tell you what a pleasure the phrase “There is no weak link” is in reference to an anthology to which I am a contributor.

And here is the cat after having quashed a bag insurrection:


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