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Encounters with Gym Dudes

A side effect of going to the gym more often with an actual workout that I track in a Nerdy Little Notebook ™: more frequent run-ins with Gym Dudes. Do I need to define the Gym Dude? It signifies more than simply a dude who happens to be in the gym. A Gym Dude is a dude who’s in the gym a LOT, and often has strong feelings about what goes on there.

1. Two Gym Dudes have been standing near the bench press bench for the last ten minutes, leaning on the weights rack, engaged in conversation. Hesitantly I put down my nerdy little notebook on the bench to claim the territory.

Gym Dude #1: “Scuse me!”
Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, were you about to use it?”

He does not dignify me with a response, continuing his discussion with Gym Dude #2. I do two more exercises elsewhere in the gym before he starts his first set.

2. I am between my first and second set of squats.
Gym Dude #3: “Those squats you’re doing are really good!”
Me: “Thanks!”
Then he adds, as though I may be in imminent danger if I do not receive this information ASAP, “They’re REALLY GOOD FOR YOUR BUTT!”

3. I am between my first and second set at the bench press (finally). Gym Dude #4 comes over, asks if I need a spotter. Actually I do — the second set is always way harder — so I thank him and say yes. He’s a good spotter — he doesn’t help too much, but he makes sure I don’t get sloppy or use too much momentum. When I’m done, he says, “You a beast, girl!”

I’ll put up with Gym Dudes 1-3 as long as #4 shows up sometimes, too.

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  • Gym dude #5
    May 20, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    Gd three sounds a lot like triumph the insult comic dog