Oh, hello.

Feels like I’ve been absent from these parts longer than the calendar suggests.

There were Circumstances.

But now I am home, and I have been doing, if not all, at least many of, the things.

Got a haircut.

Color is now perilously close to my natural color, which it has not been in Some Time.

Took a carload of things to Goodwill, and immediately thereafter acquired not-quite-a-carload from the inimitable Rerun, including these glorious Prada (!) shoes, which I like to think were previously owned by a drag queen:

Organized two closets and a shelving unit within a 24 hour period. Here is one of the closets:

Yes, I am using a skirt hanger to organize gloves. In another closet, not pictured, I am using a belt hanger to organize necklaces. I know it’s obsessive. OBSESSIVELY AWESOME.

Also: I devoured Delia Sherman’s The Freedom Maze in a single sitting, downloaded and have begun to enjoy the delightfully dramatized audiobook version of Ellen Kushner’s Swordspoint, and tomorrow I will retrieve my preordered copy of Colleen Mondor’s The Map of My Dead Pilots from Powell’s. More to come.


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  • jessamyn
    November 30, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    Haircut is awesome and those shoes are more you than the description I’d read earlier led me to believe.