SCBWI Oregon: resources mentioned for writing with cultural awareness/responsiveness

Writing The Other: a practical approach, Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward

12 Fundamentals of Writing “The Other” (and the self), Daniel Jose Older

Diversity in YA

We Need Diverse Books

Iceberg Activity – which aspects of culture are visible and which are ‘below the water line’? An interactive online exercise from, a resource for Canadian military families

White Girl, Colleen Mondor

How privilege and diversity affect literature and media, a collection of articles curated by Sarah Hannah Gomez

Guest Post: Joseph Bruchac on You Don’t Look Indian at Cynsations, Joseph Bruchac hosted at Cynthia Leitich Smith’s blog

A Few Disjointed Thoughts on Other Cultures and Diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Aliette de Bodard

Should White People Write About People Of Color?, Malinda Lo

Windows and Mirrors: Reading Diverse Children’s Literature by Dr. Sarah Park Dahlen

Writing Race: A Checklist For Writers, Mitali Perkins

The Danger Of A Single Story, Chimamanda Nzogi Adichie

“The Boundaries of Imagination,” Or, The All-White World Of Children’s Books, 2014, a collection of articles curated by Philip Nel

It’s Not Me, It’s You: Letting Go Of The Status Quo by Zetta Elliott

Looking at rituals from the outside:

No R.S.V.P.? In Rajasthan, India, No Worries and the satirical response No R.S.V.P.? In South Jersey, USA, No Worries


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