OLA and WonderCon

If you’re in Salem tomorrow or Anaheim Friday-Sunday, come see me! At the Oregon Library Association conference: Thursday, April 17th 2 – 3:30 PM Graphic Rave & Graphic Reads!  In my part of the session I’ll talk about collaborating with … Keep reading

Latoya Peterson at Reed College

Yesterday while I inched my way across town through drizzly rush hour traffic, I was tired, cranky, and unsure whether my plan to attend Latoya Peterson‘s Digital/Divides: When Race, Class & Pop Culture Collide talk at Reed College would be the best … Keep reading

Emerald City Comicon: yes I will be there

  Emerald City Comicon-goers, come see me at the Periscope Studio island, booth #1214! I will have many copies of Bad Houses and of the special comics-enhanced reissue of Empress of the World and of the non-comics-containing but all-about-comics-anthology Chicks Dig Comics! … Keep reading

Recently, soon

KAPOW! If you’re anywhere near Eastern Michigan University, go see this exhibit. I’d say that even if there weren’t pages from Bad Houses in it. Then I went from Ypsi to Indy. I confess I imagined a cell phone into this statue’s … Keep reading

So yes

I called my previous post “Catching Up” and then didn’t post for a month. Ha! We had some weather. Less of it than many other places, but more severe than we usually get. Side effects of weather included the car’s … Keep reading

Catching up

I’ve been home from my most recent travels for a little over a week. I thought I was leaving winter behind in the Midwest & East, but as I type the wind is so loud outside that if I didn’t … Keep reading

Connections #4

Full disclosure: this post is sort of cheating, in that I’m really just focusing on one artist and not making connections beyond her work. But seeing as this whole series is idiosyncratic, and also seeing that the work itself makes … Keep reading

Connections #3

Yesterday I found this book on a free shelf. I remembered liking Joan Aiken‘s writing, though it had been a long time since I’d read anything of hers. I was also desperate for reading material. I was not disappointed. The Whispering … Keep reading

Signing at ALA Midwinter!

Are you going to ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia? Do you want a free signed copy of Bad Houses, possibly with a bonus wall-eyed owl sketch? Then come to the Diamond Book Distributors booth #424 Sunday, 1/26 from 11-noon and I … Keep reading

Connections #2

The connections in this post are mostly of a very straightforward type: 1. Begin with something I love that many people were involved in making. 2. Track down other projects done by those people. My starting point is Slings and Arrows, a brilliant Canadian … Keep reading

Connections #1

I’m the daughter of two librarians. I internalized early on that whenever I wanted to know more about a word or person or event, the appropriate response was to Look It Up: find the definition, biography, historical & cultural context. … Keep reading

Square shirts

Overheard at today’s estate sale: “Oh look, square shirts!” “What?” “You know, for when you have to attend, like, a square function.” There was a fairly consistent aesthetic on display. Jewel tones much in evidence. Nice solid mirror. It was … Keep reading

Pale, elusive azure.

One of my favorite L.M. Montgomery lines — Philippa Gordon, describing her state of mind in Anne of the Island, says that she’s not blue, exactly, just a pale, elusive azure. It’s a fair evocation of my mood as I … Keep reading

It’s real.

Even after reviews have started coming in, it’s hard to believe a book exists until you have it in your hands. Now I have it in my hands. I couldn’t come up with a little song about it though. Maybe … Keep reading

Wordstock and Sirens

I’ll be at Wordstock tomorrow, moderating the So Much For Normal panel with S.A. Bodeen, Anne Osterlund, and Keary Taylor, and generally lurking around in graphic novel & YA sessions. If you see me, ask for an invite to the Bad Houses early … Keep reading