New habits in 2017

Early in the year, which is to say a few staggeringly long and tumultuous weeks ago, I took a photo out a particular window, propping the phone in the frame and keeping the flash off, trying to avoid getting the … Keep reading


Seems like the more I prioritize it offline, the less I do on. But I’ve enjoyed the various instances of the 2006/2016 meme that have come across my feeds, so here’s a version of same. 2006: Working on The Rules … Keep reading

One week in Denmark

Last week I had the excellent opportunity and challenge to be a guest instructor in the Graphic Storytelling program at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. The opportunity aspect is obvious, including but not limited to: international travel, working with … Keep reading

Status Update

Suddenly it’s more than halfway through September and I haven’t posted since July. The longer it’s been since my last post, the harder it is to decide what to tell you. What’s been happening when perhaps it seems like nothing has been … Keep reading

Deep Cover

I wasn’t going to write anything about Orlando. So often, when something brutal and devastating happens, the last thing I want to do is post about it, and mostly I don’t. And yet as I tab back and forth, social … Keep reading

Denver Comic Con

I’ll be tabling and speaking at my first Denver Comic Con in just a few weeks, June 17-19. I’ve heard great things about this show; I’m excited to participate! Here’s my panel schedule: How Educators and Librarians Can Collaborate to use Comics in the … Keep reading

When you’re not at the party

This past weekend, the vast majority of posts showing up on my various social media feeds were from or about AWP. Now I’m starting to see a flurry from comics comrades about ECCC, and from library pals about PLA. When many of … Keep reading

Twist Fate Challenge

I’m looking forward to being one of the editors for the Twist Fate Challenge! Let me quote from the press release: Two popular apps that support young artists and writers are calling on teens to create works, twisting the fate … Keep reading

Not really a year-end post

I didn’t feel like doing a regular end-of-year post, so instead, a few scattershot comments, punctuated by photos. Thought a lot about communities this year. How to make spaces for people to connect, how to both contribute and listen, how … Keep reading

Some thoughts on QUILTBAG YA

Tess Sharpe was talking about the challenges she’s faced publishing queer YA. I have a compelling interest in the topic, so I Storified her tweets (go read them, I’ll wait). They struck me also because in some ways, her experience differs … Keep reading

Going quiet

I want to write a bit here about taking a break from social media — which I’m doing through November at least. Maybe longer. What I love about social media: feeling connected to distant friends. Being able to educate myself … Keep reading


It got to be October. A lot has happened that I haven’t written about here. I did a bunch of traveling. Here are a few worn surfaces I saw in Covington, Kentucky.     Also a couple of ominous panels from … Keep reading

Status update.

When you’re dealing with difficult things but they’re the same difficult things you’ve been dealing with for years, and you sort of want to talk about them but you’re also tired of hearing yourself talk about them, and you send … Keep reading

I don’t know the photographer to credit for this image. (If anyone reading this does, let me know.) I saw it at, yes, an estate sale, and didn’t buy it, but wanted to remember it. Now you can too. Those … Keep reading