Emerald City Comicon

I’ll be tabling at the always-lovely Emerald City Comicon, along with Periscope Studio comrades, in booth #1214. Still figuring out exactly what all I’m bringing, but I’ll definitely have lots of copies of Bad Houses, a Comic Book Tattoo or two, & assorted … Keep reading

PDX Cocoon

Is there anything more relevant to the interests of a YA author than an evening of hearing teenagers tell stories about risk? PDX Cocoon: stories by Portland youth is brand new; last night was the first performance. Lead producer Nico … Keep reading

Four things for February

1. Saw a friend recently, and he asked, “What’ve you been up to?” I paused, shrugged, and we both started laughing. He’s a writer too; we agreed that when you’re not necessarily wanting to talk in great detail about what … Keep reading


The lump in this photo is my cat in his current favorite location, under blankets. Which, right, technically is not subterranean per se as he is not actually underground, but work with me. Things are happening below the surface. Have been … Keep reading

Books I received as gifts.

Books have always been my favorite items to give and receive. This holiday friends & family presented me with the following: Evasion, described by The Insurgent as “many beautiful stories about surviving in voluntary squalor that are human and touching, yet liberatory … Keep reading


Some recent reading: Long Division, Kiese Laymon. Also his essay, “My Vassar College Faculty ID Makes Everything OK.” The Cosmopolitan Canopy, Race and Civility in Everyday Life, Elijah Anderson. “Riots and Reason,” Tressie MacMillan Cottom. “The Pain of the Watermelon Joke,” Jacqueline … Keep reading

Home from Austin

I just got back from YALSA’s YA Literature Symposium. Although this photo is from a few weeks ago and today I’m wearing a different hoodie, me and the cat are in a similar position as I type this. Here are … Keep reading

5 things

1. I’m working in a new space, in my old neighborhood which I haven’t had much occasion to frequent in the decade-plus since I’ve lived there. So the commute puts me in a weird mental state: focused simultaneously on the … Keep reading

En route

…to Seattle as I type, for an event tomorrow at the Oak Harbor Library with Lish McBride that I’m looking forward to.  Have been finalizing details for other events, too — some comics writing classes for teens at Columbus Metropolitan … Keep reading

Rose City

I’ll be a guest at Rose City Comic Con September 20-21st, mostly at booth #1217/1233, signing at the Dark Horse booth #701 on Sunday at 1 pm. Come say hi! If you get a copy of Bad Houses I will draw … Keep reading

Objective correlatives

Obvious metaphors are obvious, but still. I have to tell you that I’ve begun to rethink a thing I’ve been struggling with for some time. Rocks to navigate, river to cross, the woods to get through. The fallen tree that … Keep reading

A recent discovery

I listen to a lot of audiobooks; in the car to make long drives bearable, at night to slow the hamster wheel of anxiety. I never look for a specific title. I browse, often clicking through screen after screen of … Keep reading

Beach best practices

Bring lots of books, but remember that you’ll also want to watch beach TV. Reliable channels include Waves, Clouds, Dogs, and Children. Sometimes you can get Horses or Storms; occasionally Sparklers. Someone’s going to be Beach-Fire-Building Alpha. If that’s not you, … Keep reading

Old Home Week

I’m just back from Ann Arbor, where I tabled at Kids Read Comics and taught a writing workshop at the Ann Arbor District Library. I kept using the phrase “cognitive dissonance” to express how it felt to be in my … Keep reading

Kids Read Comics

Representing today & tomorrow for teen & adult readers at the Ann Arbor District Library’s Kids Read Comics festival — really fun to be back in the library I grew up using. If you’re in or near Ann Arbor, come … Keep reading

Father’s Day

My mom took this picture on the Father’s Day when I was 8 and he was 49. By squinting and googling I ascertain that the book we bought him is A Circle of Light #1, about which I remember nothing … Keep reading

Throwback Thursday

I decided a #TBT post was appropriate since I’ll soon be visiting my old hometown. Ann Arbor and Ann Arbor-adjacent readers, come see me at Kids Read Comics 6/21-22 and/or my writing workshop 6/23! Now for the throwback: I learned via the very … Keep reading

Half speed

So far this year — I just counted the days, because I am the sort of person who does that — I’ve spent over a month in places that aren’t home. Seven different states, including both New York and California, as … Keep reading