Emerald City ’09 haikus

Comic Book Tattoo Is dauntingly oversized “I’ll hold that for you.” Friends appear with scores: Old romance comics! Squid cards! Wastebasket? TV? Lunch? Didn’t, really — just powered through the day with coffee and Top Pot. Eternal questions: How’s the … Keep reading

Flytrap #4 is coming

Flytrap #4, “Performance Anxiety,” will most likely debut at the Emerald City Con next April, unless I decide to make it available by mail sooner, or find a con to attend earlier in ’09. But I am very excited about … Keep reading

Congratulations Douglas!

I was remiss in not reminding San Diego attendees to cheer for him, too. Yay for Reading Comics, winner of the 2008 Eisner Award for Best Comics-Related Book! Entirely unrelated aside: The cat just sneezed six times in a row. … Keep reading