For the first time since 2007, I took no part in the Stumptown Comics Fest, except by hanging out both evenings with folks who’d spent their days there. It was still an eventful week. Monday was the Oregon Book Awards. … Keep reading

Photo post

I was tempted to make this into a user icon. Still might. Sadly my camera couldn’t capture the rotating X-rays behind the bird-mask mannequin’s head. I love that she has no hand. Risked an accident by quickly snapping this through … Keep reading

Tiny vacations

If you are a creature of habit, as most of us are to varying degrees, you probably operate with a significant number of routines: your usual route to work, your standard hangout spots, the typical ways you spend a weekend … Keep reading

3 things.

1. If you missed Mr. Gordon Edgar, author of Cheesemonger, the virtues of which I have previously extolled, when he was recently in Portland, you are in CRAZY LUCK because he will be here again TOMORROW, May 19, at 6:30 … Keep reading

A Walk in the Park

No, really. An actual walk in an actual park. I, um, don’t spend a lot of time outside typically. So today I met up with my friend Deborah in an attempt to partially remedy that. Outside can be awfully pretty. … Keep reading

Photo post

I have recently become a fan of the Grilled Cheese Grill. Its sandwiches are delicious, and the mural on the ceiling of its seating area — a schoolbus — is fantastic. See: The artists are Eatcho and Jason Graham. I’m … Keep reading

Rainy Saturday

I’m working on the graphic novel all day today, and listening to John Coltrane and Miles Davis. While staring into space (because that is, of course, an important component of working) I suddenly noticed the pleasing industrial geometry above. If … Keep reading

One block over

I took a different route home today. Here are some of the things I saw: Five unblinking cats, camouflaged by the brown-and-black facade of the house they appeared to be guarding A man rinsing out a toilet for repurposing as … Keep reading

Tiger, tiger

On our way to sell/donate books at the majestic Powell’s warehouse in the northwest industrial district, we saw this: Any Portlanders familiar with this tiger? My Flytrap characters would’ve scaled the fence and done circus stunts on it.

November roses

Portland, you sure are pretty today. The full moon last night wasn’t bad either, but I was driving when it was at its most grapefruit-like, and so I did not attempt to capture it. Did any of you? (I realize … Keep reading