It’s a good life

So yesterday I took the day off from the day job to do those presentations with Steve at Madison High School. I think they went well. The most unintentionally hilarious moment: when someone was deeply concerned about “what’s up in that panel”:

Well, it gave Steve a chance to talk about the always-treacherous potential for coincidental juxtaposition of figures…

Then later, I went with many cool people to the Meow Meow to see the library-sponsored Blöödhag show, and even got to introduce the band. I considered throwing a copy of Empress into the crowd (in Blöödhag style) but I was introducing in my librarian aspect, and it seemed to call for too much explanation, so I decided against it.

Blöödhag was delayed, and by excellent coincidence, another band just happened to be around and they became the opening act. I introduced them, too, and thus got to say the sentence: “They’re out of Minneapolis, and they are Ass.”

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