Notes to self

Even when — okay, especially when — it’s utterly vile outside, if you actually get up and go to the damn gym, you will feel better all day. It’s a drug, exercise. Yes it is.

Don’t buy yoga magazines, even if they look like they’ve got good information about poses. They are creepy and newage and operate from the assumption that you are super-privileged and entitled and are doing yoga because your high-powered career is so high-powered and career-like. Or at least that one you bought was like that. Maybe there are other ones that are better.

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  • anonymous
    November 4, 2005 at 12:43 am

    I feel the same way about YOGA Magazines. Usually I don’t buy into the whole advertising X will make you Y and Z. But I always wonder with those, that if I had the 70 buck pants and cami set–maybe I would be able to do that one…:(

    jules, who usually doesn’t think she is that pathetic–