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Lucky thirteen podcast

Dang, I’ve been doing this for thirteen weeks. This week, it’s Empress p. 155-164, featuring, among other things, Isaac telling Nic that she should come to San Francisco, “because there are tons of dykes!”

About lucky thirteen, btw: I was born on the thirteenth of November. Mom told me when I was little that being born on the thirteenth made all the superstitions reverse. So everything that was unlucky for most people would be lucky for me. To this day, I’m pleased when black cats cross my path and there are ladders I can walk under.

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  • jess_izzle
    March 6, 2007 at 12:22 pm

    wow, i’ve never heard that theory before, but i’ll have to pass it on to my mom, since she was born on december 13th. =)