Rules icons off leash

I’m in my car, halfway to rehearsal, when I see a dog — a little beige mop of a dog, running back and forth across the street, darting between speeding cars. He has no leash, no collar, and there’s no one in sight who looks like they have any connection with him.
I slam on the brakes…
The Rules for Hearts, p. 163

Courtesy of the lovely and talented Colleen Coover, here’s the fifth of seven icons based on different elements of The Rules for Hearts. I’ll release one a week, each with a quote from the book, until the beginning of April. Feel free to use them wherever you’d like! And if you put them somewhere on your blog, MySpace, journal, etc., I’d love it if you posted the address in the comments!

These icons also exist as vinyl stickers, suitable for decorating computers, skateboards, instrument cases, etc. Want a set of all seven stickers? Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Sara Ryan
Mercury Studio
333 SW 5th Ave., Suite 303
Portland, OR 97204

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  • arasay
    March 14, 2007 at 9:21 am

    I want a set of all seven, I guess I’ll have to find a stamp…

    Oh wait, no I won’t, because I am going to see you tomorrow!!!

  • nevikmoore
    March 14, 2007 at 4:00 pm

    So last night in my kiddy lit class I’m rapping with one of my classmates, a therapist who works with kids and gave a class lecture on bibliotherapy. She asks me my professional ambitions, I mention MCL, and she says, “That is such a great system. Some of the librarians are even published authors.”

    “Indeed,” sez I, “I know one of them. My friend Sara—”

    “Sara Ryan?”

    “That’s the one!”

    “I really loved her book. It felt like such an honor to get a glimpse of that world that, as a straight person, is unknown to me. I really like the way it was handled, like they were real teenagers with real insecurities about love and themselves.”

    I thought you should know.

    Hey! When are we supposed to come over?