Catching up, cleaning up

Belatedly, a few things about the Emerald City Comicon:

1. The crowd was awesome. Everyone I talked to was smart and nice.

2. Cons are way better with a posse. It was especially fun to take the train back as a group of eight.

3. Cons are also way better when I have something new. Good thing I have a couple more minicomics in the works. 

4. This display from a shop near our hotel is cute and everything, but it reminded me a little too much of that part in the beginning of Spirited Away where the parents’ consumption causes them to transform:

In other news: 

I was pleased to be able to help welcome Bitch to Portland! They have an excellent space (right above Bernie’s, locals) and it was chock full of supporters, plus a super bulldog.

In domestic news:

Laundry and filing: Sisyphean, yet satisfying.

Throwing out crap: rewarding.

Resisting the urge to buy new crap to fill the space left by just-discarded crap: even more rewarding.

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