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It’s really early, so there’s only one other full table at the restaurant, and of course I’m reading. I’m by myself this time, and the book I’m reading, Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit, and the Era of Predatory Lenders, by James D. Scurlock, is really gripping.

Because the book is so gripping, at first I’m not trying to eavesdrop. But it’s hard not to pay attention when there are no other competing sounds. Then, as I process what I’m hearing, I realize what these guys are talking about:

“If I wanna keep my house, I’ve gotta get hold of a big chunk of change…yeah, if I can keep my other house, and get this house…I know from research, house prices are the lowest they’ve been for a while…yeah, an investment.”

The chapter I’m reading? Concerns predatory practices in the housing market.

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