Often, when Steve and I go out for a meal, we’ll each bring a book. It’s not that we don’t enjoy talking to each other, but often restaurants are loud, and besides, we’re both print addicts. Sometimes one of us will read something out loud to the other, and you know, it’s nice.

However, there are times when having books in restaurants and really wanting to read them is…difficult.

Like Saturday, when we were at the Greek restaurant and didn’t know that there was going to be bellydancing. And the whole point is that the dancer goes from table to table.


Picture us, me with Queen and Country: Operation Stormfront, Steve with Carnival — just trying our damnedest not to make eye contact.

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  • Jessica Garcia-Rizzo
    May 15, 2007 at 10:33 am

    Anything Greek is loud!

    So, did you succeed in your mission to not make eye contact or did you fail horribly? :o)

    I am a fan of books, obviously, of all shapes, sizes and genres. However, my favorite thing to do now is find books that are out of print!

    I just finished reading “Serving in Silence”. It was made into a movie starring Glenn Close. The book is fantastic!!!