Status report

Pro: The Undisclosed Location now boasts not one but two locally owned, independent coffeeshops that serve delicious soy lattes. One even has free wifi.
Con: They both play smooth jazz.

I’m reading and loving Absolute Friends by John Le Carré. Here is a paragraph from page 148 — readers of Rules will understand why I chose this one to quote:

“The troupe by now is beginning to fray, and the puritannical constraints of socialist society do not improve their manners. In Budapest Mundy must sweet-talk a drunken Polonius out of jail; in Prague, march Falstaff to a pox doctor. In Cracow he must interpose himself in a fistfight between Malvolio and a pair of plainclothes policemen, and in Warsaw receive the tearful confession of Ophelia that she is pregnant, probably by Shylock.”

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