Brief, unoriginal thoughts on Deadwood

It’s utterly theater. The timing, the way it’s staged, the way the actors deliver their lines, especially the monologues. The way so many scenes involve characters observing the interactions between other characters. It doesn’t feel like television at all. Just about every scene ends in a reversal. An ostensibly evil character shows a good side, or vice versa. Someone makes an unexpected decision.

A few interviews worth reading with some of the folks such as are involved: William Sanderson, Robin Weigert, Ian McShane, David Milch.

I should note, of course, that Deadwood is a very sophisticated show, chock full of mature content, inappropriate for many. But I sure do like it.

Anyone else who’s been watching?

ETA: Sanderson’s interview features my new favorite quote: “Self deception thrives in the compost of flattery.”

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