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I suppose it is telling

…that after a delightful weekend at retreat, and an extremely less than delightful flight back (2.5 hours on the tarmac, 3 understandably distressed toddlers, 1 elderly couple loudly concerned about the possibility of their cruise ship leaving without them) I have returned, not home, but to the studio.

And speaking of the studio, and thus of comics, you, yes, you over there in the glasses*, have you turned in your Stumptown table registration? The show is happening earlier this year, the weekend of September 29th and 30th, and registrations are due August 31st.

I quote from the website: “We’ll still be accepting registrations after that, but we can’t guarantee your choice of placement, or a listing in the official Fest Program, so please get your forms in asap! Table prices are still at a low $110 for a full table, and $70 for a half table, and the registration forms can be found here.”

*Glasses are not mandatory for Stumptown, merely, based on my observation last year, pervasive.

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