Overheard in PDX

I am sitting next to a group of salesmen in bright blue shirts. They are talking loudly and enthusiastically about football and the various no-hopers currently populating their teams of choice, who apparently do not perform up to expectations once they’ve secured their massive salaries.

“They just figure, hey, I got the contract, why do I have to do anything now?”

“Oh no. It’s not like that. No, I’m telling you, every single player in the NFL’s got quotas to make. Yardage per game. I’m telling you.”

“Quotas. Just like us.”

They stare at each other briefly, glumly. It’s only another few seconds before one asks another how many deals he made yesterday, and they return to Glengarry Glen Ross-style weaponized conversational gambits. If they’d ever really departed.

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