Zine Camp Reading/Reception Report!

All the readers were fabulous. Subjects and features in brief: dogs, cute and dogs, annoying; things to do in Portland when you’re a smart kid (in puppet show form); rollercoasters, iPods, trivia regarding rollercoasters and iPods; elementary school antiwar protest organizing; street art.

Rhythm, who did the street art zine, also brought stencils he’d made, and spray paint and paper, so we could make our own. (Outside.) He demonstrated first, and various folks, including his mom, asked process questions. Best moment:

Mom: So, can we just do this on the sidewalk?

Rhythm: Sure!

Mom: That was the wrong answer!

Here’s the one I did. The photo didn’t come out fabulously, but it looks great in real life. Gold with a black overlay.

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All the readers will be at the Zine Symposium this weekend, so go buy their zines!

(Will I be there? Still debating. I don’t have a table, but I might see if I can hijack part of a friend’s…ganatronic, if I go, I’ll find you and we can do a trade.)

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