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Trivia redux: thrift score

So it’s a good thing that I didn’t buy the Kindergoth bag, because then I wouldn’t have still been looking at Goodwill the other day, and then I wouldn’t have found this one:


Which, when it’s not at Goodwill, nicely broken-in with some schmutz on the bottom, possibly makeup, that proves to be mostly removable with the application of hot coffee (I just sort of thought, huh, the coffee’s the same color as the bag, so it won’t mess with the dye, and since it’s hot it’ll probably be good at getting off the stain) — is this.

I have asked this before but I am endlessly fascinated by it: what are your favorite thrift scores??

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  • Heidi
    October 14, 2007 at 4:08 pm

    Years ago, I found a Buddha at the Salvation Army. This was while I worked at Goodwill and was not allowed to buy something until it had been on the floor for two days. The few statues that came in there would be sold before I could even think about it. I felt so lucky to find it at the rival store. It was in fine condition. On the bottom, stamped “Made in Occupied Japan.”

    I still have that Buddha. It has since been replaced as my main altar piece and is now my “travelling Buddha” for meditation vigils, thus in not so fine condition, but still beloved.

    My travelling Buddha:

    My current altar: