Rules for Hearts podcast continues

I told you it would. This scene was a little challenging to read because I can’t do guy voices so well and I have a bunch of unattributed bits of back-and-forth dialogue. But you do know that it’s Battle and her brother talking, so I hope you can tell who’s who.

Download Act I, scene ii.

ETA a geeky question: Does anyone know how to change the icon associated with a podcast in the iTunes store? I was using the Empress cover as my icon while I was reading it, but now that I’m embarked on reading Rules I’d like to change it to the Rules cover. I did change it in my .xml file using the <itunes: image> tag, but somehow the change isn’t getting picked up in the iTunes store. Any help much appreciated.

P.S. Yes, for new readers, you can subscribe to my podcast via iTunes.

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  • Maria A
    April 8, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    your podcasts are love. <3