Fan disservice: there's a great discussion…

…over at Holly Black‘s journal, responding to the io9 article “A Guide to Fan Husbandry.” There’s a lot of good points there! I’ll add a few things that annoy me as a fan and invite y’all to add more:

1. When a character comes through unbelievable peril unscathed because that character is “too popular” to be killed.

2. Conversely, when a character dies for the shock value.

3. When magic suddenly works differently in a way that deus ex machinas the heroes out of a crisis. Magic ≠ Authorial Convenience.

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  • Jeff C
    February 21, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    When a long running television series or comic ends without tying up all the loose ends and subplots.

    I’m still waiting to find out the New Years Day mystery in Zot! and pretty much everything in X-Files…

    (oops- posted before I opened the link to Holly Black’s journal. I see that is her # 1 as well)