A return to frivolity

Thanks for the kind and wise comments on my last tiny sad entry.

Today, though, there’s sun, I have the windows open, I’m listening to an old, slightly over-the-top favorite, Murray Attaway’s “No Tears Tonight,” and I’ve been sorting through my wardrobe for the inevitable spring purge.

Three Things I Can Never Have Enough Of:

1. Hoodies. (God help me if they ever go seriously out of style. Don’t tell me if they already have.)

2. Amusing t-shirts. (Yeah, I know.)

3. Vintage dresses. (Anything designed after circa 1964 doesn’t seem to work.)

Three Things I Keep Buying, Thinking That This Time I’ll Wear Them:

1. 3/4 and long-sleeved cotton “basic” solid-color shirts. (I always think they’ll be good for layering, but they never seem to actually fit right.)

2. Button-down blouses.

3. Neutral, business-professional-type jackets.

What are your wardrobe staples and recurring misses? (Or am I the only one with that problem?)

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  • Meg
    April 13, 2008 at 10:33 am

    I find that colorful tank tops are a staple at the moment (they make for interesting layering I find) along with artsy shirts that either others or myself have drawn on. When I go thrifting however, I always seem to find that clothes fit differently when you actually get them home!