Recommended Authors

Ellen Kushner comic, Nicola Griffith essay, Speakeasy, etc.

1. Cartoonists! Bid on the chance to illustrate a Swordspoint comic script by Ellen Kushner. It’s part of the Live Long and Marry fandom fundraiser in support of marriage equality. If I could draw, you can bet I’d be bidding.

2. Read Nicola Griffith’s essay, “Identity and SF,” just posted to her website.

3. When I blogged about the WFMU book, I noted that I had not actually listened to the station yet. I have begun to remedy that criminal lack, most often via selections from the archives of The Speakeasy with Dorian Devins. Great interviews, with an eclectic selection of guests. Go, listen.

4. Apparently the guy next to me at the coffeeshop has a horse’s whinny as his computer’s alert sound. Time to put on my headphones.

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