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Thrifting, estate sale

It has come to my attention that I have not blogged about thrifting or an estate sale expedition in, like, months. So here are some photos, each suitable as a story prompt if you are so inclined.

Trunk label at estate sale
Label on trunk in mildewy basement at estate sale. Who traveled on the Cunard line? Where did they go?

Souvenir Australia scarf at Value Village
There is not actually a peculiar purple sun on this souvenir-of-Australia scarf, found at Value Village — it is a defect of my phone. Did something happen in Australia that made the former owner want to discard this?

Disturbing Easter basket in Goodwill bins
There were two rabbits affixed to the handle of this basket, found in the Goodwill bins. Locked in an eternal race? But there’s nowhere for them to go.

Dollar dolls at estate sale
They look like zombies. Will they soon seek the brains of other dolls?

The Real Oregon (at estate sale)
The Real Oregon. Where or what is the faux Oregon?

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