Friday Five

1. I am still giving away copies of The Rules for Hearts.

2. The group that inspired the giveaway:

Georgetown  QSA

3. Other people are giving things away too! You can get a Bliss shirt from Lauren Myracle, and until November 30th, you can read Alan Gratz’s book Something Rotten — the whole book, not just an excerpt — online.

4. I got back to the gym today! It has been way too long, although I have been going to pilates classes every so often. I was relieved that I could still do a little over 5 miles an hour on the elliptical trainer. (And pleased that the gym had upgraded its equipment — though that also demonstrated how long I’d been away, sigh.)

5. For Sharyn, overheard at the dentist’s office:

Mom: Time to go get your tooth looked at!

Girl, about 5: You can’t make me!

Mom: Do you want your tooth to keep hurting?

Girl: Sure.

Mom: Come on now…

Girl (carefully): I will…I will let it hurt.

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  • sdn
    October 17, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    hahaha! a girl after my own heart. EAT MORE CANDY