Flytrap #4 is coming

Flytrap #4, “Performance Anxiety,” will most likely debut at the Emerald City Con next April, unless I decide to make it available by mail sooner, or find a con to attend earlier in ’09. But I am very excited about it and so I wanted to post the news!

This time I’m collaborating with the fabulous Sarah Burrini, and I’m pleased to report that she’s planning to be at Stumptown — and maybe Emerald City, too!

Here’s a preview:

Flytrap #4, Performance Anxiety, cover image

Flytrap #4, Performance Anxiety, cover image

You wouldn’t like Maddy when she’s angry.

Or, I dunno, maybe you would.

Flytrap #4, page 1 preview

Flytrap #4, page 1 preview

Sometime I’ll reveal how the strapped artisans of Flytrap Circus can afford their ratty but large rehearsal space. It doesn’t happen in this story, though.

In other comics news, I was happy to find this nice review of four of my minis over at Friends of Lulu. Thanks!

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