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Estate sale photos

Mask, wholesome children

Dress forms

Dog skeleton

Unrelated, except insofar as estate sales evoke melancholy almost by definition: I was pleased to discover that I could get Little Sue albums on emusic, and it made me realize that my music collection is currently underrepresented in moody alt-country. Suggestions?

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  • dotfrompowells
    April 7, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    Holy Shmoleys, that appears to be one of the the effing most remarkable estate sales ever. Lucky duck. How much did they want for the skeleton?

    And, uh, since I responded, I suppose I might as well rep some alt-country, lessee…I know Laura Gibson is more alt-folky, maybe, but her new album, Beasts of Seasons, is fierce. The song “spirited” on her myspace is from that record.

    Apparently you love the Mt.Goats, as do I, with a fierce hearted passion. They are not considered alt-country, hopefully, but I also love Clem Snide and Eef Barzelay (who is the lead singer of Clem Snide), and although I can not love them as much as Mr.Darnielle and Mr.Peter Hughes, I’ve got some severe pitter patter insanity when I listen to them. Of course, Eef did write a song called Little Red Dot, so, I’m a bit biased.

  • Sara
    April 8, 2009 at 7:48 am

    Dot, hi! There was no price tag on the skeleton by the time I saw it, because it was already sold, so I dunno. But yeah, it was a darn fine sale.

    I do indeed have deep and abiding Goats passion. Thanks for the Laura Gibson & Clem Snide recommendations! Had not known about either before.