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Stumptown ’09: lovely as always

Ah, Stumptown. As always, I am delighted that you are in my town. Here’s me and Steve on Sunday, thanks to Joshin Yamada, con photographer extraordinaire:

Photo credit: ocean yamaha

Also visible, from left: Kip Manley, Taran Jack Manley’s leg (in stroller), Dylan Meconis, Alden McConnell’s head (slightly above table height), and Carla Speed McNeil.

Most amusing moment of confusion: On Saturday, I sold my stock of Comic Book Tattoo, but the phrase “Comic Book Tattoo: $30” remained on my price list, which, for once, I was organized enough to actually make. This led to some people wondering if I was offering to ink them up all cheap-like, perhaps with Higgins Black Magic and an X-acto blade.

Thanks to everybody who came to the show on the loveliest weekend we’ve had so far this year!

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  • John C. Worsley
    April 20, 2009 at 6:24 pm

    Kudos on your sales! Good show.

    I kept wanting to leave my table and come over and say hello to everyone and I kept finding myself mentally overwhelmed. Inertia!

    One year I shall overcome the social neurosis and attempt to be more gregarious.

    • Sara
      April 21, 2009 at 9:56 am

      John, thanks!
      And I know what you mean: achieving a balance between being at your own table and getting to other folks’ tables is always a challenge, especially when the whole setting is wall-to-wall sensory overload.