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Usual Undisclosed

About to return to the Usual Undisclosed Location, which has less Internet than it once did. Gonna try to take advantage of this rather than simply decry the lack.

On a semi-related note, I read another one of those “You Can Get So Much Done If You Don’t Get Online After Five P.M., Srsly” articles today. They always fill me with a mixture of hope and dread. I am aware, certainly, that deadlines concentrate the mind wonderfully. And I can see how Making Tough Decisions About How You Spend Your Time, To Increase Your Productivity, can be a Good Thing. (I have even written about it previously.)

But MAN, anything that is, like, a System just grates on me.

Even if I have set it up myself.

For instance: I schedule time to write using the alarm on my cell phone. Sometimes I am already writing when it goes off. Sometimes the alarm interrupts a conversation with a friend, or laundry, or looking at the Internet. Arguably, if it is laundry or Internet I should obey, and sometimes I do.

But sometimes I don’t.

What strategies do y’all use, if any, to psych yourself out to get more done?

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