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A few links I would have tweeted if I were tweeting this month

  • Sugarplum Squeampunk (Especially “On This Odd Day.”)
  • Frank Talk With Lady Gaga (Can’t stop listening to her lately, and I’d been looking for a long-form article besides the ones that attempt to explicate her status as a tool of the Illuminati.)
  • The Danger of A Single Story (Some of you have probably already seen this brilliant talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.)

Also for longtime readers who are perhaps concerned about the recent lack of cat photos, here is a picture of the cat. His temperament is much improved now that he has freedom.

Why yes it is a cat photo

And here is some avian street art.

Avian street art

How’s your December so far? (Note that if you answer me on Facebook I will not see it til January.)

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