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Boston Gothic

I decided it was about time I tried out black nail polish, as I have gone this far in my life without the experience.

Yes, I am going to Boston for the American Library Association Midwinter meeting. Very early in the morning tomorrow. I’ll be in YALSA meetings most of the time while I’m there, but hope to see some fellow BG Literary clients as well.

And you, of course! If we see each other and we have not met in real life, please feel free to say hey regardless.

Additional note: I liked my recent social network hiatus so much that I’m doing it again! For the duration of the conference, I won’t be checking Facebook or Twitter. I know this is contrary to the backchannely spirit of Twitter especially, but I also know my own limits.

I want to maximize my capacity to concentrate on the experiences I’m having, as opposed to constructing performative reactions thereto. This is not intended to diss anyone else’s performative reactions, reportage, bon mots, slices of life, or toast, as the case may be — etc. I enjoy them very much, and will enjoy them again as of 1/20! (Plus, if I have any spare moments at all, I need to work on the graphic novel script. Ack.)

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