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It is already almost February.

Still catching up from Boston, black nail polish now very chipped. Have been brooding about tragedies of various scales, also tempests and their associated teapots. Feeling more inclined to shut up than put up, this fragmentary post notwithstanding.

But here are three good things, as a counterweight:

  • Tales of the Madman Underground, which I read on the plane coming home, thanks to Sharyn. Craziness and mutual aid. Harshness and humor. Small-town Ohio. I adore this book, and have already quoted from it to my Ohioan mother, specifically this line: “But I’d been raised pure Ohio: the Zeroth Commandment was Thou Shalt Not Be Any Trouble to Anybody Ever.”
  • Writing comics that I know will be drawn by amazingly talented people, and being kind of able to picture how they’ll come to life on the page, but knowing, too, that the aforesaid amazingly talented people will surprise me.

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