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Full disclosure

Funny thing.

When you write a post that resonates strongly (counting LJ, Facebook, and, that’s more comments than I’ve gotten on a post approximately ever, and I appreciate all of them) you find yourself suddenly shy. Or rather, I do. I don’t know if you do. But if you do? I totally get it.

See, FYI, new readers, I don’t write posts like that all the time. Not even close. I have massive respect for the bloggers at sites like Shapely Prose and Racialicious, sites devoted to topics — body, gender, race, pop culture — that regularly attract lots of passionate commenters, not to mention scores of vicious trolls.

Over here, well –  mostly I write about the books & comics I’ve written,  my writing process and associated life-organizing nerdery, upcoming and just-past appearances, and other random bits of my days. Sometimes I write about other people’s books and comics.

And I post pictures, mostly of street art, and also (like the rest of the Internet) of my cat. Cases in point:

Stencil art dog, N. Mississippi

Sticker, N. Mississippi

Graffiti, N. Mississippi

Optimal feline storage

<Eddie Izzard voice>So…um…yeah…</Izzard>

That’s mostly what you’ll find, new folks. Every so often I get passionate and inspired, and write posts that more closely resemble actual essays, but I just want to be clear; they’re the exception, not the norm.

Welcome, and I hope you stick around anyway. :)

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  • Lisa Nowak
    February 17, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    I come here for the cat pictures. :P

    I love that cutie in the basket.