Poetic spam, etc.

Saw this passage as I was deleting a screenful of spam comments. Seems like it’s been Babelfished a few times?

Now I think if he’s curious, he’ll establish eye touch. If he smiles that’s a green fine for you say hi.

If he knows you he titillates you a lot, he clashes his hand against yours. The virtually sudden reaction might be the best to number out real affairs about that somebody. Spontaneousity isn’t leading on. Try to scare that individual, or just take him by surprisal and see what happens.

I love the not-quite-right-yet-still-somehow-evocative language. Establish eye touch! That’s a green fine! Spontaneousity! Take him by surprisal!

I can just picture their clashing hands as they number out real affairs.

In other news:

  • Have you ever wanted personalized signed copies of my books? (If you haven’t, you know, that’s okay, ‘scool, I’ll just be, uh, over here…) Now you can order them! The lovely folks at local independent bookstore A Children’s Place are making them available. Just order what you want and include the name of the person or persons who’ll be getting them. I’ll go to the store and sign the books, and A Children’s Place will mail them to you! So easy! (Okay yeah, you still have to pay for them.)
  • I recently did an author chat (on the INTERNET!) with some of Beth Gallaway‘s students. It was super fun and they asked a lot about writing comics, which led me to conclude that I ought to post about the aforesaid activity. And how it resembles getting a robot to make a sandwich. TRUE! So that will happen soon. Ish.

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  • debrarian
    March 22, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    Ooh! Ooh! So many potential great new slangatory phrases! I think my very favorite is “that’s a green fine.” I am going to try very very hard to remember that one.