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Children’s Place event 4/10 1 pm!

Hey, this is basically just a repost/reminder for those of y’all in and around Portland that I hope to see many of you at A Children’s Place Bookstore tomorrow for the following event:

Emily Whitman, author of Radiant Darkness, MJ Beaufrand, author of The River, Anne Osterlund, author of Academy Seven, and yours truly will converge upon A Children’s Place Bookstore on Saturday, 4/10, at 1 pm. We’ll all read briefly and then answer questions about writing.

But because, you know, I already posted that, here also is a picture of the cat:

Don't worry, he still has a body.

(Why yes, he is inside a box that once contained copies of A Working Writer’s Daily Planner. Yay for Small Beer Press!)

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