Appearances/ Podcast/ Portland

3 things.

1. If you missed Mr. Gordon Edgar, author of Cheesemonger, the virtues of which I have previously extolled, when he was recently in Portland, you are in CRAZY LUCK because he will be here again TOMORROW, May 19, at 6:30 pm at Square Deal Wine and Cheese. If you suspect that the name of the establishment implies that certain items may be available to consume at the event, well, you are, in fact, correct.

2. I recorded another Rules for Hearts podcast! (Link is directly to the mp3.) See, people, when you bug me via the Formspring, it works! Because anonymous Internet questions are the new peer pressure. Or maybe they are actually the old peer pressure.

3. Saturday morning, May 22nd, 9 AM, on the Portland State University campus in the Smith Memorial Student Union on the third floor. I am going to talk about YA Trends. AND Audience. Not just trends, not just audience. BOTH. As part of the Ooligan Press Write to Publish conference. I will remind you about this again, I bet.

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