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YA Trends & Audience talk at Write to Publish

Hey, thanks to all who attended my YA Trends and Audience workshop this morning at the Ooligan Press Write to Publish conference, and to the conference folks who were super helpful with the usual tech troubleshooting hassles. Special shoutouts to fellow YA author Emily Whitman and to brand new local YA publisher RainTown Press!

As promised, here are my slides:

As I said during the presentation, the bullet points about each title I highlighted during the trend snapshot piece are absolutely not intended to cover all aspects of a book, simply the trend(s) it represents.

Questions, comments, passionate disagreement — all welcome!

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  • Lucy
    May 25, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    Thanks again for coming! It was a great presentation, and it was great to meet you! (I’m still kicking myself for not bringing your books)