Writing to sell, part two

More from the 1951 Writer’s Digest brochure! (If you missed the first installment, it is Writing to sell, part one.)


“…acknowledged to be the best job on earth.”
“you don’t have to be unusually bright, or quick.”


Who, indeed? (Are there still 2,500 markets that pay from one-cent to one dollar a word?)


My favorite sentence from this page: “The opportunities in free lance writing are varied.” Can’t argue with that!

Also, in case you do not recognize the name, Fannie Hurst is the author of Imitation of Life among many other titles.

But I know you, Internet, and what you want is less text, more snazzy mid-century fashion. So here is another page:


“…disarmingly like an ingenue.” (I wish I knew the color scheme of that dress.)

“He is finishing a ceramic.” (Of course he is.)

And yes, there is yet more to come!

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