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1 x 1 photos, old

The last time I visited the Usual Undisclosed Location, I brought back an envelope full of photos labeled in my dad’s handwriting: 1 x 1 photos, old.

They’re relatives, I’m fairly sure, though there are no names on the backs except the photographer’s, Roy Leadd.

I like looking at them and wondering about them.

Was it her own cat, or the photographer’s?

Did he carefully consider his hand-on-chin pose?

Was this kid as bored as he looks?

I bet that bow required a lot of starch.

She makes me think of Anne Shirley and her desire for puffed sleeves.

There are more. I might post another set eventually.

I haven’t framed any of them. There are already many familial artifacts displayed in my house. I think there’s a fine line between appreciation of history and heritage and a kind of thralldom to the past. I want to stay on the appreciation side.

Do y’all display family photos? Of recent and/or more ancient vintage? Why or why not?

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