Links, assorted.

It’s been busy. Most of these I’ve previously tweeted and/or Facebooked, but hey, not all of you follow me in those places, right?

I was intending to extol the virtues of Richard Thompson’s Cul de Sac, but Shaenon Garrity has done the job better than I would’ve.

Here’s Robin Wasserman being smart and interesting about a bunch of things including her new book. Find out what she characterizes as “Lumpen and rag-tag.”

And here’s Nisi Shawl talking about steampunk and how folks, including her, are working to make it “more inclusive, more intricate, more verisimilitudinous. More fun. ”

I like this post on thinking about storytelling instead of writing from Invisible Ink.

I love this poster — have ordered it, in fact — and its accompanying essay.

Also: the Mysteriously Abandoned Exersaucer, below, recently showed up in front of our house. Why would one abandon an exersaucer? How would one go on, sans exersaucer? Can you tell that I didn’t previously know the word exersaucer?

It looked even sadder after a few more days’ worth of rain. It’s gone now.

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  • Shaenon
    October 28, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Extoll it anyway! It’s so fun!