Stolen from Jessamyn

The alphabet, via my browser’s auto-complete suggestions, as seen in 1, 2, 3 and A, B, C. Somewhat predictable, but not entirely.

A is for audible. Audiobooks beat back the hamster wheel of anxiety.
B is for
C is for Chasing Ray. I’m an occasional poster and commenter, constant reader.
D is for “downtown train tom waits” which I am trying to learn on the violin.
E is for I was perusing the entries of assorted notables.
F is for facebook. Yeah, well.
G is for gmail. Yeah, well again.
H is for You should go and answer a bunch of questions.
I is for i want to see the bright lights tonight.
J is for jesu joy of man’s desiring violin
K is for kroger login. When we visit my mom we get wifi from THE KROGERNET.
L is for LiveJournal. I am old school.
M is for mcl
N is for netflix
O is for a picture of this
P is for Indies Über Alles!
Q is for quiche, because I was cooking one.
R is for Richard’s Poor Almanac. Because I enjoy both Richard Thompsons.
S is, shockingly, for
T is for the twitters
U is for usps
V is for Because Terriers.
W is for wizard people dear reader
X is for xkcd
Y is for youtube
Z is for …actually nothing, i have not searched for or used anything with a z in it lately.

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