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Lunch break bus tour: Lodekka

I’ve been loving Laini Taylor’s recent photo-rich posts — writers who are also artists have an unfair advantage! ;) — and this one about a Portland neighborhood ramble inspired me to document what I did on my lunch break today.

I first noticed the bus months ago.

photo by Marcus Hibdon via

Every time I saw it, I thought I really need to go in. Every time until today, I went on with whatever else I was doing.

I don’t know why I waited so long.


Turns out it’s just as much fun to find clothes and accessories and ephemera inside a bus as it is to eat grilled cheese sandwiches in one.



I would like Lodekka‘s offerings even if they were not in such a pleasing container.


But it is especially enjoyable to be in a shop where the dressing room has an emergency door:


(The curtain covers it, but it really is an emergency door.)

And an estate sale devotee such as myself could not fail to appreciate this particular piece of ephemera:


Because the way you want to advertise your funeral home is with a picture of a boy and his dog.

The slogan’s nice, though: Our aim is to be worthy of your friendship. Mine, too.

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