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I am unreasonably amused by this acquisition, found (with pre-customized neckline) yesterday at the reliably fabulous Rerun:


Here’s a better look at the design:


Does anybody recognize the artist? I really want there to be a lot of stories about these characters, because dachshund-riding badger, both with fetching headgear? Plus the smoking, to noir it up some? I don’t know if they fight crime or commit it, but either way, their adventures need to exist.

ETA: The astute Jenn Manley Lee tracked it down– looks like the design is by Jeremy Fish. Dear Mr. Fish, please provide some badger and dachshund adventures thank you.

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  • Steven Schwartz
    August 11, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    What I find amusing is they’re so clearly German; I mean, the badger’s in Bavarian garb to a T, and that dachshund’s wearing a pickelhaube, which is Prussian. It’s…not quite the same as having a razorback wearing the Stars and Bars riding on a …sou’wester-wearing lobster? But it’s close. And highly amusing.