A small yoga story

I almost didn’t go to yoga. It’s a late class, it doesn’t start til 8:30 pm. I’d already had a long day, hadn’t slept well last night. But I managed to convince myself to leave the house because I wanted for damn sure to relax.

Another class ends just before ours starts, so there’s always a flurry of people leaving as we arrive. Leaving can be an extended process, what with grabbing mats, bags, shoes & coats, and bidding farewell to one’s yogic comrades.

That last bit, the bidding farewell, was quite voluble and extended. As I was getting into poses, I kept hearing all these voices, just outside the studio in the entryway, cheery and indistinct, so distracting. Come on, guys, leave already! I thought furiously.

Finally they did.

Then I could hear the erratic thumps and bangs of the mysterious machinery that was being operated next door. Even more distracting, because it was intermittent, but when it happened it was REALLY LOUD.

And then it hit me.

Part of the challenge in yoga is simply to concentrate, to focus on what your body is doing instead of what you’re thinking about what your body is doing.

The voices and the machinery noises weren’t actually any different than what I’m usually dealing with in class.

It’s just that tonight they were outside my head.


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  • Jeff Parker
    February 23, 2012 at 8:41 am

    Is this still Bikram yoga or non-hell yoga?

    • Sara
      February 24, 2012 at 10:33 pm

      It is at a hot (not Bikram) studio, but the class itself is not a hot class.